Microsoft Excel

Excel is one of the most valuable applications to Learn. It forms the foundation of almost any type of work that need to be done. From Accounting, to Research, Databases and Analysis. Excel can be used for almost any task. Its Power is unbelievable. And with the right training one can create Amazing Worksheets to meet any task requirement. Excel can also be used in relation to other powerful applications, such as Project, Access & Power BI. It is even used by many internet based businesses for Analytics and Research. More Information…

Microsoft Project

Projects have become a Buzz word in Business today. From planning IT Infrastructure, to organizing a Construction Project. Microsoft Project can meet just about any requirement. These Courses help you to Plan and Manage a Project Successfully. From Creating Tasks, Using Resources, Measuring and Reporting of Project, to customizing your needs to specific goals. This Tool can be used very successfully as a standalone or in conjunction with other powerful platforms, such as Excel & Power BI. More Information…

Microsoft Visio

Visio is designed to help you create Flow Chart Diagrams, Organisational Charts, Floor Plans and Any Custom Layout or Work Flow you need for your Business Requirements. With our Visio Coaching Approach we give you the flexibility to learn the skills related to your work needs. More Information…

Microsoft Access

FlexiCoach Access Coaching Courses will help you to really understand and use Microsoft Access. From Tables and Queries, and how to work with Forms and Reports. Our advanced Microsoft Access Coaching will help you to add sophistication and flexibility to your Database. More Information…

Microsoft Word

FlexiCoach’s Word Coaching Courses help you to create professional documents to meet every need, whether that be a letter, proposal or larger documents such as Reports and Training Manuals. More Information…

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the Leader is creating Business and Educational Presentations. This application helps the Presenter to reach their Audience with an Effective Slide Show. It can be used for Sales Presentations, Training Sessions and Business Seminars etc. In recent times, PowerPoint has also been used for E-Learning Courses. In the FlexiCoach Courses we teach not only the PowerPoint Application but also the principles of Good Design and Layout. More Information…

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 has grown over the years to include a much greater range of tools for Business, including the standard applications, Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Additional Tools have been added to increase productivity and simply your work. More Information…

Visual Basic for Applications (Excel)

Although Excel is an amazing platform that can perform almost any data related task. VBA help the User to extend the reach of Excel, by automating much of the work Excel does. This saves on time and effort for those who need perform numerous tasks on a worksheet. This course will help you to learn Macros and VBA for Excel, and thereby giving you much greater capability in the use of the Excel Application. More Information…

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio helps Business and Individuals gain further insight into their Data,, by providing tools for Visualization, such as Charts, Tables, etc.. It also produces professional and powerful reports that you can share with work associates and Others. a Common your for Google Data Studio is Data Analytics for SEO, but the reach and Capability of Google Data Studio extends beyond that into the realm of Business Intelligence. More Information…


Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is Business Intelligence Software designed by Microsoft. It aims to provide Powerful and Interactive visualizations of your data, resulting in better decision making for your business.

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Microsoft Project

Project Planning and Management software aimed designed projects of any size and type of Project be Marketing, IT Infrastructure, Construction or Mining the list goes on. This Flexible Application meets the needs of any industry.

Microsoft Excel

Excel needs no Introduction. Leader in Spreadsheets, Within its Cells, Ranges, Sheets and Various Tools. If you need a schedule, Table or to runs calculations. This Application can accomplish almost any work requirement.

Microsoft Visio

Visualizing Information has never been abuzz than in the 21st Century. Create Flowcharts and Diagrams, Design a floorplan or organizational chart. Visio gives you design tools to meet those objectives. Easy to use, and produces professional layouts and design.

Google AppSheet

Building your own App was justa dream a few years ago, now with AppSheet, designing and building your own App is Simple and Sophisticated. AppSheet is design for None Coders to build Powerful workplace and Personal Use Apps. 

Google Data Studio

Google brings its own Business Intelligence Platform to the market. With Analytics tools designed for both Internet Traffic and Traditional Data Analysis this is a flexible yet powerful alternative to Microsoft Power BI, especially with regards to Website Data and Online Marketing.