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All Sessions for this subject can be booked individually, Any 5 Excel coaching sessions for each level make up an Equivalent One Day Training Course, Pricing for the whole course will be more cost effective than individual Sessions. Note: Sessions can be selected from various levels, to make up a course, with the proviso that students meet the basic Excel requirements to complete more complex sessions. All Sessions will be booked over a period of time, and not run on the same day, unless mutually agreed upon. Each Sessions is Approximately 90 Min, this will includes a brief course intro / conclusion. 

Introductory Level

Excel Bootcamp

Your own spreadsheet from scratch

In this session you will create your own worksheet, including editing cells, using formatting tools, and create and use basic formulas. DURATION:


Navigate the Excel User Interface / Use Excel Commands / Create and Save a Workbook / Enter & Editing Data / Cut, Copy & Move Data / Formatting Techniques & Formula Basics

Excel Lists and Rosters

Manage Lists and Rosters in Excel

This Session working with Lists & Rosters in Excel, including, Freeze Panes, Sort and Filter Data. Working with Rows, Columns and Ranges as well as navigating through large lists.


Sorting & Filtering Data / Navigation & Selection Techniques / Freeze Panes / Split Window / Working with Ranges, Rows & Columns / Using AutoFill / Using Find + Replace + GOTO Tools.

Formula Essentials

Understanding and Using Excel Formulas

This Session will help the learner gain essential skills in formula construction. Including Using, Cell Refs, Operators, and Percentages. Also how assemble more complex calculations.


Understanding Formulas in Excel / Using Cell References / Using Operators / the BODMAS Principle / Using Formulas Across Sheets & Using Absolute & Relative References / Formula Auditing

function essentials

understanding and using excel functions

This Session will focus on basic functions, essential to everyday use in Excel. These functions are the most commonly used in every day work usage.


Purpose of Functions / Using AutoSum & Other Auto Functions. / Using SUM / AVERAGE / MAX / MIN & Other Basic Functions / Filling & Copying Totals. / Using Non-Contiguous Ranges. Using Names in Functions.

Working with worksheets

Managing & printing worksheets

This session covers, Inserting and Deleting Worksheets, Range Sheets. Grouping and Updating Worksheets. And Print & Page Setup requirements for printing worksheet data.


Insert & Delete Worksheets / Renaming Sheets / Group & Update Sheets / Export & Copy Sheets / Page Setup and Printing Worksheets / Using Workbook Views & Using Header & Footers

Appendix A

Additional Learning subjects

Depending on the pace of the student for each session or course, the Appendix Session will cover additional subjects for the student.


Introduction to Charts / Graphics Objects & Images / Using SmartArt Graphics / Additional Basic Functions / Q&A

Intermediate Level

Data Management Tools

Advanced tools for Controlling and Highlighting Data

This Sessions will focus on the use of Conditional Formats, Advanced Filters, Use of Excel Tables to manage lists in Excel. Also included are Data Validation & Data Protection.


Conditional Formatting / Sparklines / Excel Tables / Filter & Advanced Filtering Techniques / Importing & Exporting Data / Grouping & Outlining Data / Protect Sheets & Workbooks.

Intro to complex functions

If you need to look it up

This session will introduce the learner to complex functions. The session focuses on Logical and Lookup functions, and includes nesting functions to achieve a desired outcome. Perfect introduction to complex functions in Excel.


Lookup Functions & Logical Functions / Functions with Absolute & Mixed Refs / Use of Name Ranges in functions / Combining Functions through Nesting.


How to Build a Chart that works

This session will help the learner to create and adjust charts in Excel using various data options. We will deep dive chart techniques, and look at additional items such as trendlines etc..


Create a Chart/ Different Chart Types / Adjusting Chart Data / Chart Formatting & Layout / Advanced Chart Features / Trendlines and Error Bars. Displaying Complex Data in a Chart.

summarise & Link data

Calculations across sheets and books

In this session the learner will learn the use of the Data Consolidation tool, and how to edit links in a consolidated workbook. We also discuss the alternative in linking directly through sheets and workbooks.


Data Consolidation Techniques, Linking Cells as an Alternative. Calculations Across Worksheets, Calculations Across Workbooks, Editing Links. Introduction to Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts & Using Scenarios in Excel.

Data techniques

Date and Text Tools to save you time

In this session we learn useful techniques and functions that save heaps of time. This session includes keyboard shortcuts you should know, and also useful custom formats to display data the way you need it to.


Splitting up Text into Columns, Combining Text into one cell. Auto updating the date and time, adding static dates and times quickly into Excel. Updating Multiple Worksheets Simultaneously Using Paste Special, GOTO and Remove Duplicates to save time on tedious tasks.

Appendix A

Additional Learning Subjects

Depending on the pace of the student for each session or course, the Appendix Session will cover additional subjects for the student.


VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP or XLOOKUP(365) Examples IF, AND, OR Examples / Using IFERROR & IFNA / Student Q&A

Advanced Level

Function workshop

problem solving functions

In this session we focus on additional functions for Text Manipulation including LEFT, RIGHT, MID, & SEARCH. Also Math functions such as SUMIF/SUMIFs, COUNTIF etc.. As well as the Lookup alternatives of INDEX & MATCH functions.


Text Functions : LEFT, RIGHT, MID,FIND,SEARCH, SUBSTITUTE & CONCATENATE / Aggregation Functions : SUMIF, SUMIFs & COUNTIF / Lookup Functions : INDEX & MATCH Functions

pivot Tables & Pivot Charts

Harness the power of Pivot Tables to analyse data

This session focusing specifically on Pivot Tables as a tool. We deep dive how Pivot Tables work, how to append and Update Data, and how to adjust Pivot Table settings to gain required summary data from a raw data source.


Create a Pivot Table Report / Customizing the Pivot Table / Pivot Table Options / Grouping / Aggregation & Percentages / Using Formulas / Updating the Source Data / Pivot Table Themes and Formats/ Print a Pivot Table / Using Slicers / Pivot Charts

Tables and Subtotals

Analyze Data using tables and subtotals

In this Session we will deep dive the use of tables in Excel as well as the features involving filters and totaling. This session will also go into depth with Subtotaling, Grouping and Outlining in Excel.


Tables vs Ranges / Table Styles / Filtering with Tables / Aggregation tools / Exporting Options / Summarize with Pivot Table / Removing Duplicates / Using Slicers / Using Subtotaling in Tables & Ranges

Get & Transform Data

Manipulate Data Using Power query

In this session the learner will use enhanced data manipulation and filter tools using Power Query. This Query Tool is also used with Power BI and will serve as a foundation for those attending that course.


Import into Power Query / Working with Rows, Columns & Data / Using the Transform tool / Adding Custom Columns / Extracting Data / Using Date and Time Options / Working with Query Settings.

Whats a macro?

Automate tasks in Excel Using Macros

In this session we will understand the purpose and use of Macros. The Macro Recorder, Relative and Absolute Reference / Running and Editing the Macro. This Sessions serves as an introduction to Visual Basic for Excel.


Accessing the Macro Recorder / Recording a Macro in Absolute Mode & Relative Mode / Editing and Running a Macro / Keyboard Shortcuts / Quick Access Toolbar / The Ribbon / Access the VBE. Saving as a macro enabled file. Whats Next.

Appendix A

Additional Learning Subjects

Depending on the pace of the student for each session or course, the Appendix Session will cover additional subjects for the student.


Advanced Data Validation / Workbook Sharing / INDIRECT Function / UPPER, LOWER & PROPER Functions.

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