Course & Consultation Fees

Helpdesk on Demand

Not wanting to attend a course, all you want is to get help on a software issue, task or project. Contact Us for Further Details

Training & Coaching Platforms

  • Zoom

    Zoom is an effective online platform for both one to one and small group training. As many are already familiar with this platform. It is an excellent option for both Training and Consultation. All access to Zoom with FlexiCoach is free and simply requires access to our training room.

  • Teams

    Microsoft Teams is well used and very effective for online one to one training and coaching as well as small group training. If you are already using using Teams, this is an excellent option for training sessions and consultation.

Pre / Post Course Support

  • WhatsApp Chat

    Nothing is more frustrating that online tickets and support forms. When all you want to do simply ask a question. Send us a WhatsApp.

  • Email Support

    If you need more detailed assistance or ask a more involved question, send us an email.

  • Give you a call

    If you need help but need to talk to someone, happy to call you back as soon as possible. Just WhatsApp with the message please call.

  • Replay Anytime Learning

    Apart from direct help make use of our extensive library of e-learning video training. The instructor may also upload tutorial specific to your question.